A Sport for all ages and Abilities

Fun, Fitness, Friendship

Available to Everyone

Floorball requires only gym clothes, gym shoes, a stick and a ball.   The sticks and balls are provided by Soda City Youth Sports.   The only skill required is a great attitude!

Coaching Philosophy

Youth sports have become very competitive at every age group and many times only the best players play.  Floorball is a sport where every child will be playing the entire time.


On Saturday, July 23, 2022, Soda City Youth Sports will be hosting a Try Floorball for Free event from 10am-11am at the Tri-City Leisure Center in West Columbia. 

About Us

As parents of a seven year old who is active in many sports.  The challenge for us has been that every sporting experience is different and his experience with that sport is dictated a lot by the coaches.  Unfortunately, as he grows older, the kids that have specialize in sports will get more and more playing time while newer to the sport kids will sit on the bench.  It feels like a ticking clock that makes us anxious and I’m sure other parents feel exactly the same way.  We chose to start Soda City Youth Sports initially around Floorball.  The reason we chose Floorball is that 1) we love hockey and Floorball is very similar, but without the skating requirement, and 2) it’s a sport that everyone can play today with limited equipment and experience.







Our Approach

Growing up, many parents probably had a few negative sports experiences with a lot of standing around during practice or sitting on the bench during games which caused them to walk away from a sport.

Our approach uses small area games where each skill is practiced multiple times in small groups allowing kids to learn a skill by playing a game without it actually feeling like practice.  Coaches focus attention on ELM: Effort, Learning and Mistakes are okay.


Core Focus

Kids develop at different levels.  Most kids won’t fully develop sports skills until they are 12-13; however, most programs  start excluding players much earlier than that for “Travel” or “Select” teams. 

Our goal is to keep kids coming back every week by having fun.  By keeping kids engaged and developing skills throughout their early development years will aid them in other sports later.

Our LocationS

We utilize local gymnasiums to bring the sport of Floorball to everyone.

Our Try Floorball For Free events will be held at the Tri-City Leisure Center (485 Brooks Ave, West Columbia, SC 29169)

Our Rec League events will be held at the Palmetto Athletic Center – PAC (1193 N Lake Dr, Lexington, SC 29072)